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Jobs may satisfy your pocket but dream job satisfies your soul. Neither your qualification nor experience, only ur skills. We bring the best to you- for how we work and Our process is simple yet impactful- for the process

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How it Work?

The process in which, we take you towards your dream.According to the talent which you posses our experts will help you to showcase your talent in different contests, which will act like a milestone towards your dream.

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Create Portfolio

The very first step of this relation will be to register yourself with the First Break Portal.

Pick your winner

Find Dream job!

The proceeding step will happen when you will receive an audition letter, to which according to your wish you have to give a positive nod.

Get Jobs proposals

Get Jobs proposals

The next step will be to make us as well as audience aware of your talent upload your talent on the portal.

First Break can help you grow your business

We all need that first stepping stone. We all need to first time go out there and break the monotony of life. We all have to take that first step, first chance, first risk and first choice, which ultimately decides where we will be.